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Investor Returns

Investor high yield returns.  We are currently offering 9% on a Two Year Note and 8% on a One year Note.  If you are an investor looking to diversify out of the stock market and are in search of some alternative investments, consider investing with us.

Investor Opportunity

We are very busy, growing, and fully funded.  We are looking for new investors.  We believe it is a good time to invest in hard assets.  We provide an opportunity to invest in a residential, real estate asset class.  This is a way to invest in real estate that is passive, relatively liquid, and has no transactional costs.  There are a lot of unknowns and instability in the world today.  Inflation, rising interest rates, gas prices, covid, Russia are all potential destabilizing factors.  In uncertain and inflationary times we like to invest in hard assets and access relatively cheap debt.  We are bullish on Arizona residential real state for the long run.  Arizona is a growing state with a lot of positive things going on.  We believe investing in Arizona real state is a prudent investment consideration.  We provide a unique opportunity to that with out the struggles and challenges of actually purchasing and owning real estate.  We provide short term loans on residential real estate secured with a first position deed of trust.

Become an Investor

We work with folks who want to become an investor and are looking for higher returns on their capital.  We offer rates that cannot be achieved using traditional banking products such as CD's and savings accounts.  All of our investment opportunities are designed to minimize risk and to maximize profits.  We are strategically focused to provide the savvy investor with a fixed income, high yield product that is secured by Arizona, residential, real estate.  Is the stock market too frenetic?  Is it over valued?  Is it not your style?  Are you an investor looking for some alternative investments to diversify your portfolio?  Clear Mortgage has done thousands of Arizona, fix and flip loans.  We have worked diligently to develop policies, procedures and controls to make this a viable business for the long haul.  We want the investor to be happy.  We want the investor to be comfortable.  We want the investor to understand the model and appreciate the risks and the infrastructure we have put into place to mitigate those risks.


Accredited Investor

We have a Private Placement Memorandum offering a fixed yield on one and two year General Obligation Notes.  We are focused on accredited investors.  Our investor documentation also includes a Subscription Agreement and a Questionnaire.  We are providing short term loans to the Arizona, residential, fix and flip market.  All loans are secured by an insured, first position deed of trust and promissory note.

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