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Fix And Flip Loans|Fix & Flip Projects|Clear Mortgage

Fix and flip

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Fix and Flip Projects

Fix and flip projects are popular real estate investments that can be very lucrative. These investments involve acquiring a property, making repairs and renovations to the property to increase value, and reselling the property for profit. Fix and flip investments often cannot be financed through conventional loan options making hard money an attractive option.

Fix and Flip Loans

One of the most challenging aspects of fixing and flipping properties is acquiring the capital to begin a project. With extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the fix and flip industry, we are able to provide financing solutions for even the most complex fix and flip projects. Clear Mortgage offers fix and flip loans and lines of credit throughout Arizona and Utah with the most competitive rates and terms available.  Clear Mortgage is exceptional, trusted, dedicated, resourceful and loyal.  When looking for fix and flip financing you should consider the experience and reputation of the lender.  You should also look for loans that have a lower upfront cost.  Points and fees can be very expensive when you only need the loan for a short period of time.

For example, a $100,000 loan, for 3 months, with a $900 fee and one point, at 9% interest – the total cost would be $4,150.  The same loan at 12% interest but no points or fees would have a total cost of $3,000.  Clear Mortgage does not charge points or fees.  Click here to see our fix and flip projects.

Clear Mortgage

We understand that fix and flip investors are often working on many different projects at once and therefore require continuous access to capital. By taking a partnership approach with our borrowers, we are able to close loans quickly and efficiently while providing funding for the many projects and investments in your pipeline. This is what makes Clear Mortgage the premier lender for fix and flip financing throughout Phoenix, Arizona. Contact us now for more information or click here to get started!

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