Top Exterior Considerations for Flipping a House

Top Exterior Considerations for Flipping a House

Flipping House Considerations

House flipping is one of the best ways to make money while getting to practice a fun skill. Not only do you get to create homes that have your aesthetic taste and interest, but you could also be setting yourself up for a profit of hundreds of thousands of dollars if you do it right.

The inside of a home isn’t the only area that matters! These are the top exterior updates all home flippers should consider!

The Siding Color and Style

The property’s siding matters more than most of the rest of a home. Not only does the color of it shift how buyers perceive the property, but the style can also change who might be interested in it. Board and batten siding is extremely popular right now, and going with a color that sets the house apart without being an eyesore is vital.

Make sure the siding is clean and looks new. Replacing it is the best bet, but if it doesn’t need to be replaced yet, consider power washing the property’s exterior so that any dirt and pollen is knocked off of it.

Sections of the Lawn That Stand Out

Grass Patch Tile Walk

Sectioning off portions of the property with concrete pavers is an awesome way to ensure that house shoppers can visualize how they’d use the land. Consider adding pieces like a brick fire-pit, grilling or lounging area, and a shaded area to your backyard. You can achieve a lot of this with a large deck, but getting good use out of the grassed areas of the yard is a good choice.
Details That Pull it Together
The little details where you put your final touches and taste can dramatically shift a property. One good idea is to consider updates like a mailbox door repair or replacement, especially if it’s cracked or dented. Although this may feel like an incredibly small thing to think about, if there are tiny problems all over the property, they’ll eventually add up into a home that buyers aren’t interested in.

Add other details, like millwork products to your roof and entry that will also stand out. These can elevate what might have been seen as a ‘cookie cutter’ house into something stunning.

Updated Paths and Driveway

Updated Paths and Home

Cracks form in concrete constantly. Over time from freeze and thaw cycles, roots growing up beneath them, regular use, driveways, concrete paths, and porches will eventually need help. When completing repairs to concrete, make sure you do it after every other huge exterior project is done. This will save you from having to power wash it down at the end and make sure prospective buyers are greeted by a clean, fresh slate.

Attractive Lawn and Plantlife

Curb appeal is a heavy hitter on home value, so take the time to do this extremely inexpensive fix. If you’re trying to stay as low on budget as possible, take a weekend and get your lawn in order. This means mowing, edging the lawn, pruning bushes and shrubs, and planting greenery that compliments the home.

Pick plants that flower in colors that work with the house, or local plants that can handle whatever the natural moisture content of the soil is. If you create a lawn with tons of high-maintenance plants that will die without constant watering, you may struggle to find a buyer that appreciates it.

Privacy Matters

Many buyers invest in a home because they want a slice of paradise and privacy. If your project property is in an area where many people have privacy fences, and yours doesn’t yet: consider building one. Not only will buyers like the security of a privacy fence, but these fences increase the value of a home, adding up to $40,000 for the ability to have a property closed off from the world. Many buyers with pets or children will be especially interested in this property. Invest in good materials and a stain that suits the house when you make this update.

Ways to Keep Water Away

Water can be incredibly damaging to any property. If you notice water buildup anywhere near the home, it’s important to look into installing landscape drainage systems to help move this risk away from the house. Trenches and ditches help, and you can also take steps like cleaning your gutters regularly, extending your downspouts, installing a rain barrel, or even creating a rain garden.

It’s especially important to keep water away if any part of your home is underground, like a basement. Even three inches of water are enough to add tens of thousands of dollars of damage to your property, which is something no house flipper wants to deal with.

Updating and Caring for the Exterior is Vital

Updating and Caring for home

Flipping properties is an awesome way to make money while doing something you enjoy. However, take the time to make the right choices while you do this to make the most money possible.

Brian Jeffries is the content director for the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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