Top 7 Features to Look For in a New Home in 2021

Top 7 Features to Look For in a New Home in 2021

Top 7 Features to Look For in a New Home in 2021


Searching for a new home can be overwhelming because there are so many options. Homes have evolved over the years and now have long lists of features. However, you may be asking yourself what features you should really be looking for. This article is here to answer that question. Though everyone has different needs, here are seven features to look for in a new home in 2021.

1. Upgraded Flooring 

Upgraded flooring is a great feature in a new home. For one, it is a pain to have to replace flooring throughout the house, but additionally, we spend a lot of time walking around on our floors. 


Because of the time we spend on our floors, they take a lot of wear and can be an annoyance if you don’t like them. For instance, cold floors can be frustrating since you will always have to wear socks or shoes. Though these things might be trivial, you would be surprised at the difference it can make when you have quality flooring. 


Look for homes with radiant floor heating systems with radiant floor heat insulation, durable flooring materials like vinyl, and neutral colors and patterns so that they will always work with your decor. These flooring features are a big benefit in a new home. 

2. Energy Efficient Elements

Energy efficiency elements in a new home are another top feature to look for. The energy costs of homes are one of the largest ongoing costs of homeownership and they often rise over time. Homes that have energy-efficient windows, appliances, lighting, faucets, and HVAC systems should always be highly considered to save you money in the long run. Additionally, looking for a well-insulated home will aid in energy efficiency as well. 

3. Steel Siding


Steel siding is becoming a popular top home feature because of its many benefits. Steel siding is durable, has a long lifespan, and looks modern. Steel siding color options are vast so you’ll often see a lot of diverse colors; however, if the steel-sided home isn’t a color you prefer, it can be painted as long as you use proper methods.

4. Convenience Upgrades

Convenience upgrades are a rather vague term but are still something to look out for in a new home. Everyone’s life is different so everyone might have a different view on which convenience upgrades are at the top of their list. 


Convenience upgrades or amenities are features in a home that make your daily life more convenient. These are things like an indoor, large laundry room, walk-in pantries, a large kitchen sink, double vanities in the bathroom, and walk-in closets. Regardless, any home that has upgrades that will make your life easier is a top feature to look for. 

5. A Pool or Outdoor Space

With the world staying home more, more emphasis has been put on what homes have to offer as far as entertainment. A pool and outdoor space is a great feature to look for as it gives homeowners more to do at home. 


Pools are an excellent feature for both entertainment and aesthetics. They often have a pool deck around them which is great for relaxing, grilling, and more. However, keep in mind that if the home has a pool and deck, you’ll want to ensure that it has a pool deck drain so that there are no standing water problems. 


Outdoor spaces like patios, decks, and gardens are a way to enjoy your surroundings and the weather while providing a place to retreat from the confines of your house. They are also great for entertaining.

6. Smart Home Accessibility

Several products have come to market in the last decade to make homes smarter, convenient, and intuitive. However, not all homes are smart home accessible. 


Having smart home accessibility is a top feature to look for in a new home in 2021. You’ll want to look for preset wiring for cameras and alarm systems, exemplary wireless connectivity, and pre-installed smart devices. 


Many home cameras and alarm systems require hardwiring which has to go behind the walls which means that when this is already installed and can just be connected, it is a top feature to have. 


Not all homes are conducive to good wireless connectivity. Always look to see what the highest level of Wifi is that can be run to the house. 


Finally, new homes may have some smart devices already installed like a smart thermostat which is another stellar feature of a new home in 2021. 

7. A Well-Designed Garage


When searching for new homes, not many people think twice about the garage. However, a well-designed garage is an excellent feature because it becomes a more usable space giving you more bang for your buck. A well-designed garage could include a lot of things, but some examples are garage window inserts, additional storage space, and temperature regulation. 


Garage door window inserts allow light into the garage brightening up the space. Storage space is helpful for all of the seasonal decor and recreational equipment that homeowners accumulate. It’s even better if the storage space has pre-installed organizational elements like built-in shelves. 


There are a few ways temperature regulation can be implemented in a garage including extra insulation, small air conditioning units, and heaters. Garage temperature regulation is an underrated feature because the space can then be used any time of year for a wider variety of activities. 

Discover What Features Are Most Important

Of course, not every feature on this list will be important to you and your family and they certainly might not all be found in the same home, but you should consider these features in a new home as you come across them. Discover which features are most important from these ideas and you’ll find a new home you love in 2021.


Brian Jeffries is the content director for the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value. 


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