Big Government – Did you know

Big Government – Did you know

BIG GOVERNMENT – DID YOU KNOWSimilac Advance Infant Formula with Iron, Powder, 12.4-Ounce Tub

I have raised three fantastic children. They are beautiful, happy, independent adults. I am grateful that I did not have to deal with Covid type issues while raising them. Now, this formula shortage is putting an unbelievable stress on young families. I am also grateful that I did not have to deal with something like that.  I am thinking, wow, this shortage is scary. How can this system be so fragile? This Covid thing is really messing stuff up.

Here comes the, “did you know” part.
* There are only four manufactures of formula for the US market.
* US government heavily regulates formula production
* US government program, WIC limits competition
* US government, WIC program buys half of all formula!
* US Government requires that each State choose one supplier!

Competition is good. Competition drives creativity and innovation. Be careful when choosing big government, centralized solutions. The unintended consequences may be difficult to initially foresee.

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