Are you intelligent?

Are you intelligent?

Creating Intelligence with Data Science | by Favio Vázquez | Towards Data  Science

What are the attributes of an intelligent person?

  • They draw wisdom from multiple sources
  • They know their audience
  • They are exceptional at their job
  • They are curious
  • They are great at conveying ideas
  • They ask considerate questions
  • They ask great questions
  • They communicate complex concepts in a simple way
  • They know what they don’t know
  • They don’t pretend to know everything
  • They change their minds with new information
  • They are open minded
  • They don’t argue
  • They pivot well
  • They use analogies
  • They learn from mistakes
  • They love learning
  • They have a sense of humor

“Intelligence” is not necessarily something you are born with. It is not an IQ thing.  It is not a success or failure thing.   It is also not a given or a constant.  We all can and should work on these things throughout our life.

Go be intelligent!

The next challenge, problem, discussion you have, think, “can I be more intelligent in this?”.


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